We see that it comes from the world of social marketing: the first thing that strikes us of Alhaus are the covers with captivating illustrations. Magazine published in Ireland and published in London with collaborators from all over the world, it does not fall into any of the categories in which we have always framed our magazines, it could be an art magazine but not only: Alhaus is an inspirational magazine. 

It is made for creatives, artists and anyone who needs inspiration in his life or work. It is a light magazine, which stimulates your mind without too many periphrases and conceptual conundrums, telling the stories and lives of those who need inspiration every day and to understand what will happen tomorrow. Alhaus Magazine is actually the desire to tell the world of a London media agency, named after Alhaus, which deals with storytelling and the creation of highly innovative communication campaigns and which makes innovation and need to be on the spot with what will happen tomorrow in the world, a winning feature.

alhaus n. 4

After years of experience all over the world with clients in the most diverse sectors, this media agency has decided to put on paper, in a simple and captivating design, its experiences in recognizing future trends and trends dialoguing through the voice of those who are on the crest of the wave every day and every day takes care of having a vision, from the world of art that is predominant in the topics addressed, to culture, fashion, travel, entrepreneurship , to technology.

Issue 4 is opened by a beautiful and visionary cover by Alex Anczevski and it is entirely dedicated to storytelling in all its forms, from the written one to the verbal one. This number also has great merit: it collaborates with the project Blood Cube, artistic work of Marc Quinn which consists in the creation of two cubes of blood from over 5,000 donors to demonstrate the equality of every human being in today's refugee tragedy. The work will be exhibited at the New York Public Library at the end of 2019.

interviste alhaus n. 4

Focusing on storytelling, edition number 4 available on Frab's from page 50 onwards he gives us a series of interviews to those who every day are busy having to tell something to their readers, followers or public in general. Surely the words of Angelica Cheung, editor-in-chief of Vogue China which tells the hard work and satisfactions of a magazine with 1.6 million readers, then there is the story and some landscapes of the Turkish photographer Nevzat Yildirium, passing through Allen Leech from the set of Bohemian Rapsody which tells about his way of living the acting profession and future projects, up to the London Science Gallery, a gallery that does not collect permanent installations, but only works of contemporary art that today more than ever does not only launch political and social messages, but has the task of recounting technological processes that are often difficult to understand for the masses. The piece that made us smile on her characteristic images is certainly that of the French illustrator Marylou Faure, with highly distinctive characters between typography and roundness. 

illustratrice francese alhaus


In between the many other interviews in addition to those we have just mentioned, there are many real life stories that tell about tomorrow in many sectors. One for all, as WeWork in Singapore did to guarantee many small startups the possibility of securing an office at not exorbitant prices in the very expensive Asian capital.

One last reason 

Alhaus n. 4 la found on Frab's and, as usual, we deliver it to you for free in Italy!

Enjoy the reading!


August 27, 2019 — Dario Gaspari

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