There are millions of sea lovers around the world.

And since the sea is made of water, which is always the same and at the same time different from itself, there are just as many ways to love the sea and to experience it. Surfing, a ferry, a raft, fishing, swimming, scuba diving, a harbor, the breath of salt, regattas, ocean crossings, solo travel and a million other ways.

There is in the sea and in its ability to resist everything, to fidget and calm down, snort and sleep, a deep ancestral reminiscence for man: that of being cradled in a humid environment. The sea exorcises the first moments of each of us in earthly life and it is perhaps for this reason that it represents one of the greatest sources of inspiration for poets and novelists. 

The sea has a different effect on everyone, even to put a crazy terror. But where this terror is bearable, it becomes Earth's most potent tranquilizer, despite its continued restlessness. The sea, in fact, is a heavy dose of calming from the stresses of earthly life. It cradles thoughts, ideas, anxieties, frenzies and changes them, upsets them, makes them become wave tension, anxiety to glide, speed to rise again when you can no longer hold your breath.

The sea, if you think about it carefully, takes care of everyone's moods with a majestic tranquility.




To describe the sea you need a piece of the sea, the calm and its profound beauty. His stories, sometimes inflated, sometimes wandering in popular fantasies and rumors, are a unique glue for the man who is attracted to them and who remains incredibly fascinated each time.

The sea vibrates inside with very slow and indissoluble waves, it does not give trivial emotions but releases inside those who live it the slow power of its floating as only the primary essence of life can do.

They are stories of this type, of lives spent at sea and pieces of the sea, to make of Sirene Journal an exclusive magazine (if until now you had only read the magazines with announcements of new boats and advice on how to scrape the engine propeller, here you will arrive on another planet!).

If it is not made of the same substance of dreams, one deviates a little, Sirene is of the same substance as the sea: the paper is made of recycled algae, the colors range from the opaque white of the shells to the blue that dominates undaunted. The images leave you breathless and, together with the words, tell of the ancient complicity between man and water.
This magazine has no pretensions other than to take us around the Mediterranean and the seas of the world, up to Punto Nemo, and to tell us true stories of the sea and the lives linked to it, from the sailing ship in Hawaii to the ferries in metal and rust. that every day lead people to the chores of their earthly life.

In short, highly recommended if you are abstinent from sailing, surfing, windsurfing, catamaran sailing, ocean sailing, diving and a thousand other great shortcomings of the element that gave us life.

Sirene Journal can be found in edition number 9 on Frab's at this link and 10 a this link, with free shipping.

For those planning a trip to the islands of the Mediterranean, the combination with the Passports of the Islands. A revolutionary format in independent tourist guides for those who want to discover (and travel) in an alternative way Formentera, Caprera, Pantelleria, Koufonissi, Kastellorizo. These too, strictly printed on recycled seaweed paper. 

Good wind and good reading!






September 30, 2019 — Dario Gaspari

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