Of course, we at Frab's like paper. Beautiful, sometimes woven with plastic or other unidentifiable materials that make the magazines we choose unique to the touch as well as to the eye.

However, there is a question that does not concern either Greta Thunberg or conspiracy theories and it is the following. A few years ago in our municipality a management of separate waste collection arrived which has led us to be among the most virtuous municipalities in Italy. A very simple management based on the extremeization of the concept the more you recycle, the less you pay.

And here, intent on sipping the expenses, we have begun to put much more devotion into the careful division of waste between plastic, paper, wet and undifferentiated. And we discovered two surprising things on our skin:

  • We really make a lot of plastic. There is plastic everywhere, everywhere. The last time at the sea after a storm it was full of coffee capsules on the shoreline, and with the same intrusiveness the plastic bin is by far the most filled by us and in our daily routine.
  • By differentiating well and carefully, the production of non-recyclable or undifferentiated waste is almost zero.

Now you may wonder what a dissertation on recycling has to do with Frab's. Well, it has to do with it because every time we ship, to get our beautiful magazines to their destination safely we must necessarily produce and use other paper, plastic and various packaging materials. We believe that the beauty of magazines is also in their obsessive care and maintenance, so we cannot fail to do everything possible to keep them well protected, but this results in the production of often non-recyclable waste.

And so we are committed first of all to replace the good old postal envelope with bubble wrap with an envelope made entirely of cardboard which, starting with shipments in September, will completely supplant the first. 

Then the idea, stupid, perhaps banal. Just as we send them to you, we receive many packages, and if the important thing is the magazine why not recycle as much as possible, including packaging and bubble wrap?

Then we apologize if the covers, packages, papers or other can show signs of wear, clearly demonstrate previous uses or have San Francisco, Berlin or Taiwan stamps from which the magazines come to us, but we want to give our little and infinitesimal contribution to reducing packaging as much as possible.


So sorry, but accept our packages for what they are. We will try to put the utmost care and pay attention to detail, but we are sure you will understand when a "second hand" packaging arrives.

Think that in this way we are doing together a little good for ourselves and for the world. 


August 19, 2019 — Dario Gaspari

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