It gives you serenity, the feeling of being stopped to sip a coffee or on a bench by the sea facing the sunset. And while you are there, next to you there is a real artist in flesh and blood to tell you about his work, his art, but also about his life at home, in the kitchen, with his partner.


Polpettas on Paper it's a high quality magazine that deals with contemporary art exclusively through interviews to some of the most innovative players in this sector. It is dedicated to artists and those who love the art world and he wants to know deep veins that touch the soul of those who create and that concern the principles, things, environments and values that give them inspiration every day for new surprises and incredible works.

Polpettas has few interviews for the many pages it has precisely because each interview is treated in every detail and, despite being written in English, those in Italian and Spanish also show the original version.

It is a good manual to take inspiration not from the works, but from the lives of others, a must have for those who work in the sector or art cannot do without. Without arrogant technicalities, Meatballs it's a megaphone that digs deep.

Issue number 4 has 9 contents ranging from illustration to graphics to photography through architecture. It starts with the illustrator and activist Wendy Macnaughton who prefers wine to beer and loves the smell of tea, then comes Osamu Yokonami who from Japan describes how it is possible to keep a photography studio standing between professional and personal projects. The French artist Edouard Taufenbach he works on vernacular photography and tells us the story of a young French artist. 


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"Mizugi" by Japanese photographer Osamu Yokonami. The series — which takes the steps by Yokonami's Assembly series — is inspired by Kim Ki-Duk's feature film "Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter… and Spring" Yokonami's swimmers are beautifully portrayed in a simple yet strong natural landscape, dark sand gives a powerful background to the pictures. Photo book published by @librarymanbooks You can read the full interview with @osamuyokonami on Polpettas On Paper # 4.⠀⠀ 👉🏻 Get your copy through the LINK IN BIO ⠀⠀ ______ ⠀⠀ #OsamuYokonami #fotografo #tokyo #japan #japanese # Assembly #photographer #photography #visualart #interview #indiemags #maglovers #indiepublishing #magazines #PolpettasOnPaper #photograph #picoftheday #fotografia #foto #portrait #artist #colors # 1000children #photodaily #shooting #igdaily #phizotodugi #photos

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It takes us to Italy Barnaba Fornasetti, son of art and deus ex machina of one of the most curious art spaces on the Milanese scene. The project we loved the most is that of Swine study, a couple who share incredible projects around the world between art, design and architecture and have come a long way over the years.

We do not want to reveal everything, even if there are so many wonders about the life of artists in these articles, but if you want to be on the spot in the world of contemporary art, don't miss Polpettas, which is available on Frab's here.


Happy reading!


July 12, 2019 — Dario Gaspari

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