The first magazines that arrived in 2021 deal with the sea, design, childhood, architecture and have in common a distinctive trait that has done us a lot of good these days: color.
Considering that today is Blue Monday, a day that some define the saddest of the year, and this morning in Forlì the sky is gloomy and water mixed with snow falls, we thought that telling you about these colors would have been a little entertainment for the mind, but also a nice way to get distracted and surround yourself with beauty in these gray days. 

But first let's tell you something about Blue Monday because to fight a fierce enemy, like the Monday plus Monday of the year, you need to know it.
In reality, that of Blue Monday is partly a farce, partly a publicity stunt. To calculate the day, indeed the saddest period of the year was a psychologist from Cardiff University, Cliff Arnall.
 On the basis of an equation, which took into account some variables such as return from vacation, feelings of guilt for Christmas expenses and bad weather, for Arnall the last half of January could be considered as the darkest period of year.
From here to the legend of the saddest day of the year, as often happens, marketing and in particular a 2005 Sky commercial from which the University of Cardiff itself dissociated itself. Despite this, Blue Monday has become part of our language and our lives, a bit like the Santa Claus with a white beard and the total red outfit imagined by Coca Cola. 

And if Sky Travel proposed a relaxing holiday to recover from the fatigue of the post-holiday, we offer you some plain reading of color and color. 


Woth magazine

With minimalist graphics, this issue of Woth, the Dutch magazine of creativity and innovative thinking, is a real Color Book of design, photography, art and architecture. You will spend hours leafing through it and admiring the photographic portfolio full of pastel-colored architecture by Ben Thomas.



Anorak magazine

It will also be a magazine for the little ones, but sometimes to relax we need to go back to being a little bit too. Between stories, illustrations and some games, Anorak is also perfect for grown-up children. 




Drawn magazine

For those who feel the nostalgia of the blue of the sea, it comes directly from China Drawn, the magazine for those who experience the sea as a boundless source of inspiration, the only element able to stand up to the infinite human imagination.




Frankie magazine

Intelligent, funny and sarcastic, Frankie is more than a magazine that friend who knows how to cheer you up and always knows what to say at the right time. Between inspiring stories, diy, interviews and insights, this magazine will delight you with design, art, photography, fashion, travel, music, crafts.



Tonic magazine
Tonic Mag
It will not be colorful, but surely this magazine is better than others to fill that void that remains between leaving work and dinner and which is called an aperitif. If you no longer remember the taste of a good Gin Tonic, a Moscow Mule or a beer drunk at the right temperature in the right glass, trust me, this magazine will carry out your evening in the red, orange or yellow zone.


January 18, 2021 — Anna Frabotta

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