Yes & No magazine n.3


The real recognizes the real

YES & NO Magazine is a quarterly magazine that clashes with the trends of the mainstream design magazine. Often described as surreal, its editorial content encompasses arts, technology, business and science.
YES & NO even before a magazine could almost be defined as a contemporary manifesto dedicated to anyone who knows how to face and accept the complexities and nuances of life, without confining their vision of the world to the binary parameters of yes or no.

Between its pages it tells stories that contain a stimulating blend of science, art and culture, stories of people who believe in a more fluid and creative approach to life, for whom the need to embrace a multifaceted worldview is more important than any what is offered to us through the mainstream.
The main objective of the magazine is to introduce us to extravagant people, but also very good at what they do, the excellences in the fields of art, graphics, typography, fashion, cinema, music, theater, dance, food etc.