Worms n.3


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Worms is a biannual literary magazine that celebrates the culture of female writers. It is a magazine about style: writing style, but also tailoring. "We are all worms" - explains the creator, Clem Macleod, in her editorial, and "in the end, we will be devoured by them. With Worms, you will fertilize your mind with glorious words". 
 Worms presents style as another type of non-verbal language: a means of understanding and controlling the self, starting with the clothes we wear.

Dimensions: 27 x 18 cm
Number of pages: 116
Cover: soft
English language

ISSUE 3 - Biomythography
The title of this second issue of Worms is "Biomythography", And pauses to examine precisely the" biomitography ", or rather the creation of the myths and personal stories that shape us.
With Michelle Tea, Moyra Davey, Lynne Tillman, Johanna Hedva, Jenny Hval, Ellen van Neervan, Caroline Calloway, Julie Enszerl and more.