Valet n.3


Valet is an independent Slovakian magazine on the classic lifestyle of men. It was born in 2020 to completely redefine the magazines dedicated to men that today are mostly glossy, flooded with advertising and without any real interest in what can be defined purely as the "classic" style.

The magazine rediscovers several classics of the men lifestyle, including luxury, fashion, elegance and way of acting in the world. From here it radiates to describe how this culture and attitude can pass the times in an elegant way that never sets.

The paper format of the magazine is particularly accurate, with different types of papers and finely printed. The publisher, in fact, is the same as that of Standart, a coffee magazine dedicated to professionals and lovers of this drink.

The new issue of Valet is entirely dedicated to the theme of layering, both in aesthetic and ethical terms. Layers of fabrics, transparencies and questions: how do we dress? and why?