Toothache n.9


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Toothache is an independent magazine that offers a truly intimate and close look at the world of cooking and award-winning chefs. 
Contrary to what happens in most editors of cooking magazines, the chefs who are given carte blanche are the ones who create and write the magazine.

Toothache is a collaborative project in which each person is free to share what they want. Each issue features a wide range of in-depth interviews, full-page photographs and recipes designed for professional cooking.
While Toothache is a magazine made by cook * for cook *, it is also great for food lovers who are interested in learning about some of the most famous chefs in the world.

Much of the issue is devoted to how each chef has handled the past two years of the pandemic, the changes it has made to their lives and restaurants, and what they envision for the future of the industry.
Many are chasing better working conditions, many are fighting for restaurants to become fairer.
These are just some of the topics discussed in this issue of Toothache which, as always, is filled with beautiful full-page food photos and packed with recipes.