Then There Was Us n.3


Then There Was Us is an independent magazine dedicated to the showcase and debate on contemporary photography, writing and journalism.
The magazine supports the most exciting and engaging works of contemporary documentary makers, storytellers and journalists. Crossing its pages aims to stimulate a debate on events, people, places and culture with powerful narratives that define and destroy the status quo.
Speaking of industry, society, people, places, politics, disasters and conflicts, Then There Was Us strives to give voices to extraordinary creatives and storytellers who go unheard.
The purpose of the magazine is to celebrate, support and show the least felt, creating a real and accessible community of thinking about what is happening in the world, sharing the exceptional work of documentary makers from all over the world. 

Dimensions 280x210 mm
Number of pages 120
English language

This issue explores the rich terrain of family, a topic that offers many possibilities, from our position within a family or group, age, gender, questioning our identity and sense of kinship. The work in this issue is an exploration of the public and the private, the people involved examine the web of social relationships and address traditional and non-traditional ideas of family and kinship.