The Travel Almanac n.19


ù Founded in 2010, The Travel Almanac is the first true post-tourism publication. It focuses not only on the traditional notion of physical travel, but on the ways in which movement and position permeate all aspects of contemporary life. Since its inception, The Travel Almanac has played an important role in redefining the genre of pop culture publications, showcasing the creative world's views on travel.
Among the pages of this magazine have written some of the most creative minds of our time, such as Harmony Korine, Collier Schorr, Richard Prince, Juergen Teller, Taryn Simon, Julia Hetta, Inez & Vinoodh, Jeremy Scott, Ryan McGinley, William Gibson, Viviane Sassen, Matthew Barney, Helmut Lang and many others.
Every two months, The Travel Almanac combines the immediacy and visibility of a magazine with the longevity and elegance of a book.

English language
Pages: 242

After a long period of isolation, in which many have had to give up on achieving their goals, but have found time to imagine different futures, this issue of Travel Almanac explores the concept of utopia: the visions, hopes and forecasts they have. occupied our minds in the months of "inactivity". 
Among its pages we find:
- a photo-reporage immortalizes the new generation of performers and models in distant Siberia, in a game of contrasts between cold, old memories and young girls;
- Ben Gorham talks to us about smells and perfumes;
- eco-entrepreneur Wilson Oryema on a new and poetic poetic vision of sustainability and environmental awareness;
- architect Walter Hood on the future of urbanism;
- the Heartheater musician inspires us with her positive lockdown approach; 
- interview with artist Laurie Anderson;
- a lesson on letting go;
- an essay on architecture to be preserved for future generations
... and so on. 

This particular edition of The Travel Almanac opens with a white space, a grid that, guided, readers are asked to fill with their own feelings and, why not, their dreams.