The light observer n.5


The light observer is a semi-annual independent magazine based in Milan, but in English, which explores light in all its forms.
Not just photography or cinema, as one might mistakenly think, this one-of-a-kind magazine talks about light at 360 ° through in-depth articles and interviews, mixing emerging and famous artists, photographers, architects, scientists, designers.

It is a magazine for those who work every day with and alongside light, directing it and letting themselves be guided by the myriad of combinations that come out of it. 

"Light is such a fundamental actor of our lives. It deeply influences our feelings and perceptions. It's a subject of deep meaning and yet is part of our everyday life. In that sense it's a fruitful topic to explore."

Dimensions: 21x29
Number of pages: 130
Cover: soft
English language

In this number:
- Photographic series by Awoiska van der Molen. In his photographs, without titles or indications of their location, in the gelatin silver prints the notions of time - day and night - seem non-existent.
- Interview with experimental game designer Tracy Fullerton about her game The Night Journey co-developed with artist Bill Viola.
- Interview with the artist and photographer Cecilia Del Gatto about her project Umi Hotaru, who experiments with bioluminescent light and photography.
- Project by artist Marie Sommer, night shots around a nuclear power plant built on the Basque coast.
- Interview with acclaimed artist Henni Alftan about his work, figurative art and in particular his show entitled Night Time at Sprüth Magers.
- Photographic series by the Japanese photographer Tokio Matsubara on Okinoshima, the sky, the sea and the islands.
- Interview with emerging filmmaker Dorian Jespers about his first film Sun Dog: a journey into the cold night of the Russian tundra.
- Roma by Led, a video project in which the malfunctions of public lighting in the city of Rome are filmed, by the artist José Angelino.

... and so on