The against nature journal n.2


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The against nature journal  is an independent biannual magazine of art and human rights that comes from France. The magazine, through essays, insights, fictional stories and poetry, explores the laws on "crimes against nature" and their legacies.
Authors and readers of law, activism, social sciences and the arts are gathered to promote dialogue on sexual and reproductive rights and rethink nature in a new way. 
To support a theme as complex as it is necessary, minimal and elegant graphics and a thick, embossed cardboard cover. 

English language
Number of pages: 136

The second issue of The Against Nature Journal revolves around the theme of migration, a crucial topic when addressing the experiences of LGBTQI + individuals who have been displaced from contexts where "nature" is still used as an argument to criminalize homosexual conduct, thus such as the broader issues of transnational rights, activism and the trafficking of knowledge and customs.