Terrible People n.4


Have you ever wondered why some people do downright idiotic things? Or why are others really bad or disgusting? 

To answer questions like these, Terrible People was born, a culture and lifestyle magazine that explores the dark sides of human nature through essays, illustrations and photographs. Halfway between a magazine and a fanzine, Terrible People tries to provide some reflections on why some people sometimes manage to be real bitches. Always looking for answers, even if he doesn't always manage to find them, one thing is certain: this zine will make you entertain like few others because, let's face it, it's fantastic to laugh at idiotic people. 

ATTENTION: contents with a high level of irony, but also not. It could increase your antisocial disposition. 

Dimensions: 16x24
Pages: 64 + 8-page booklet
English language
Cover: soft


 This issue talks about various concepts of social distance, new labels and ways to connect online and offline.