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Te is a new independent magazine that comes from China to explore the relationship between contemporary arts and cultural anthropology with the help of creatives and artists from different disciplines.
In two languages, with a decidedly oriental flavor and an impeccable design (with a Swiss binding done so well as to make envy, dust jacket and different types of papers used), you accompanies us in every issue to discover a different theme, with topics that touch the fluidity of cultures, languages and ideas in specific communities and the adaptation of individual narratives to the changing social and geopolitical environment.

Dimensions: 185 x 260
Number of pages: 164
Language: English and Chinese
Founder: Michael Guo & Kechun Qin 
Graphic design: Can Yang
Limited edition: 2000 copies

ISSUE 1 - The Lost Society
The magazine's debut issue is The Lost Society di Ye Wuji, and investigates the relationship between food and geography through interventions (photographs, interviews, stories, poetry, etc.) by artists of the caliber of Wolfgang Tillmans.
The correlation between food and geography provides a hidden motivation for examining human behavior and social transformation. 
However, the term "lost" does not mean disappearance or expulsion, but ephemeral silence and weakening rather than disappearance and extinction, thus indicating that many cultures have only temporarily dissipated and some have transformed. Food witnesses this transition and the word "society" refers to a collective destiny.
13 creatives are called to reflect and explore food in all its facets and at the same time reconstruct the relationship between food and geography.