Market magazine n.6


"Suq. Is Sicily, the one never told.
What you find by rummaging between what you know and what you don't know yet "

Conveniently sized and with a clean layout, Suq. accompanies us to the discovery of an unconventional Sicily. Much more than a simple travel magazine, among its pages it communicates the beauty of one of the most surprising areas of our country. Suq. it is photography, story, feeling, travel, nostalgia, desire and beauty, that of a new culture and a new way of seeing and experiencing Sicily. 


Suq. is a startup born in Sicily from a group of creatives and travelers who one day decided to start exploring the heritage of the island made up of places, people, companies, arts and symbols currently hidden, made of everything you can touch, but also of everything you can only feel when you get in touch with your senses.

Dimensions: 16.5x22
Number of pages: 160
Language: English and Italian

In this number:
Mistretta / Desertification / Grotta Monello
Lipari / Saja / Frazzanò / Slackline / Sicilian Tarots
Sicily, as always, plays the role it has been given. Anticipates the fate of humanity, anticipates how we will live and how we can no longer live, anticipates the fate of nature, anticipates the result of an unbridled and millennial anthropocentrism. We talk about the anthropocene or all the other names to describe a geological moment in which the planet Earth is folded by humanity, and the objective of this talk is wrong: the planet, of humanity, doesn't care. It will survive us, and for a long time. Will there be deserts where there are now plains? Plains where there are now frozen deserts? It is possible, but balance will find its way to once again have reason on its side.

INSERT The Real Utopia - The Real Utopia
The Evoke of Peripheral 
64 pag.
Descended into the depths of this narrative, there are the experiences of those who founded, built, freed Periferica, such as Carlo Roccafiorita, Paola Galuffo, and the many other quarrymen of knowledge who passed through this place. Working together, they shared that concrete utopia that becomes real, plural and social reclamation. The laboratory projects, the Periferica events, were an opportunity to meet with the inhabitants of Mazara participating in the vision of cultural and social regenerative scenarios for the city.