Suq. Magazine


"Suq. Is Sicily, the one never told. The one you find by rummaging between what you know and what you don't know yet"

Conveniently sized and with a clean layout, Suq. accompanies us to the discovery of an unconventional Sicily. Much more than a simple travel magazine, its pages communicate the beauty of one of the most surprising areas of our country. Suq. it is photography, story, feeling, travel, nostalgia, desire and beauty, that of a new culture and a new way of seeing and experiencing Sicily. 

Suq. is a startup born in Sicily from a group of creatives and travelers who one day decided to start exploring the heritage of the island made up of places, people, companies, arts and symbols currently hidden, made up of everything you can touch, but also of everything you can only feel when you get in touch with your senses.


Dimensions: 16.5x22
Offset printing on 140g FSC hand-use paper.
300g FSC laminated coated cover.
Language: English and Italian

Consciousness is self-awareness in reference to the totality of experiences lived or imagined, at a given moment or for a certain period of time; like the water of a river, it is never identical to itself, it is in constant evolution, because in every moment it changes with experience. The journey amplifies this process: it sharpens the senses, brings light into the darkness of habit, multiplies information and encounters. Each companion enriches the journey with his or her personal story: single individuals around a fire, along a path in a wood, on a remote beach become collective consciousness.
In this number: Kibbò / Marettimo Island / Gjmàla Farm / Chiafura / Punta Bianca / Cartura / Piana degli Albanesi / Bagol’Area.