Substance Journal n.1

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Substance Journal is an annual magazine dedicated to sustainable luxury. Let's explore the current fashion revolution, through its most basic products: fibers and materials.
At the base of each garment there is a raw material that has a dramatic impact on the environment and on society. The purpose of the magazine is to get to know more closely the materials of which our garments are made by exploring, for each edition, a specific fiber through a historical, scientific, economic and cultural lens.

Originally from India, cotton quickly conquered the world thanks to its many qualities. Its history is however linked to slavery, the industrial revolution and GMOs. Even today, the number one natural fiber is criticized for its important environmental impact.
The magazine is divided into six chapters, each dedicated to exploring a different aspect of cotton: theory, history, culture, beauty, fashion, carte blanche.

Language: English and French
224 pgs, 28 × 21 cm

ATTENTION: the magazine is at a reduced price because it has small imperfections on the cover