Standart n.23


Standart is a renowned Slovakian magazine entirely dedicated to coffee. It is a very profound reading done by professionals and technicians on everything related to this drink. Born in 2015 out of the passion of its founder, Michal Molcan, Standart is today a real independent company that creates the magazine with contributions coming from all over the world and refers to the principles of a healthy and profound journalism. It investigates the world of coffee and has become a cult for updating those who live and work in this sector. 

Number of pages: 144
Soft cover
English language

Issue 23
In this number:
- we talk to Lucia Solis fermenter about funky coffee processing
- let's retrace the history of the espresso machine to find out who really invented it
- let's examine some of the most extravagant coffee patents filed in the last century.
In the "Meet Your Guest" section we meet an absolute legend of electronic music and the modular synthesizer, Suzanne Ciani, and we retrace the history of punk sobriety, coffee culture and rebellion embodied in the economic era.