Salts and Tobacco n.2


Sali e Tabacchi is the magazine founded by Elisa Carassai and Leonardo Pellegrino to rediscover the most authentic side of our peninsula. The purpose of this annual magazine is to explore the relationships between creative arts and typical Italian traditions, rituals and habits.

Dimensions: 21x27 cm
Number of pages 180
Soft cover
English language

That genius and madness go hand in hand is no mystery. Since time immemorial, the most creative and brilliant minds have been associated with mental illness. The idea that genius is only slightly separated from madness goes back at least to ancient Greece. Aristotle connected the two when he said: "There is no great genius without a touch of madness".
From the mysterious and unique academic world to philosophy, sociology, myths and legends, we seek to discover unknown stories, rituals and traditions and talk to people who today, like us, question the fine line between the two.