Salts and Tobacco n.1


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Sali e Tabacchi is the magazine founded by Elisa Carassai and Leonardo Pellegrino to rediscover the most authentic side of our peninsula. The purpose of this annual magazine is to explore the relationships between creative arts and typical Italian traditions, rituals and habits.

Dimensions: 21x27 cm
Number of pages 180
Soft cover
English language

What does the word spirituality mean today? This is the central theme of the first issue of Sali e Tabacchi, focused on investigating the fine line between the spiritual and the religious and the way in which both coexist in a world where individualistic values are increasingly distant from those underlying any religion. 
Among these pages you will delve into the maze of the occult and esotericism: witchcraft, paganism, psychic abilities; our relationship with relics, talismans, objects that exude energy that can be transmitted and transformed; the elevation of craftsmanship and cuisine to an almost religious level and much more.