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Pfeil Magazine is the independent magazine of Montez Press, a publishing house specializing in artist's books based in London, New York and Hamburg.
Pfeil should be understood as a sort of curatorial space within which various artists are invited to reflect and work on a single word, the leitmotif of the entire magazine, which changes from issue to number.

Dimensions: 23x33 cm
Number of pages: 76
Cover: soft
English language

ISSUE 13 - Mother
The notion of mother seems simple enough, but scratched the surface we encounter a multitude of facets, questions and contradictions all related to the idea of motherhood.
Biologically speaking, every person has a mother; maybe that's the only thing we all have in common. However, this issue, dedicated to the Mother, raises more questions than it can answer. Precisely because everyone seems to understand what a mother is, many crucial aspects of the subject are never questioned and instead taken for granted. Is a mother defined only by having a child or is it a child that defines a mother? Can we look at a mother by freeing her from the concept of femininity? What exactly are the notions of gender and sex related to the common idea of motherhood? Where they come from? What kind of social, biological and economic pressures do mothers and potential mothers face?

In this number:
- alternative family structures
- how the responsibilities of parenthood could be shared;
- working conditions of mothers in the field of art;
- difficulties, challenges and prejudices that mothers face in their professional life and what an ideal working environment could be like;
- disappointments and unfulfilled expectations in the mother-child relationship;
- what motherhood might look like in the future.