Perimeter Block 4


"With the eyes of some of the most talented photographers of our generation we will tell you about Milan". It is the simplest and truest presentation of Perimeter, a photographic magazine from Milan deeply rooted in this city, to which it is entirely dedicated. A magazine that through photographs of various authors who collaborate with each other and the skilful touch of Fontegrafica that creates the paper frame, aims to describe the last years of this city that is rediscovered alive, visceral, energetic and rampant. 

Its pages intertwine the faces, efforts, enthusiasms and joys of entrepreneurs, citizens, cultural spaces, the underground scene and all the faces that make the city of Milan the spaceship ready for the launch of Italy.

Perimeter lives and changes in editions that have different editorial forms, but a similar purpose. He adapts to time in the projects he tells, but maintains his characteristic ability to interpret the mutability of Milan through photography.
After Tasca and Side, the latest edition is called Block, a bimonthly collection like the others and produced in 200 copies at each issue for 6 issues. 

The Block series wants to reflect the life of the city in the literal interpretation of Block - buildings, palaces, but also confinement in their neighborhoods that must find new forms of vitality and within which the individual must find new dimensions. 

Italian language
Dimensions: 33x33
Edition: 200 pieces

In this number: Andrea Mauro / Beatrice Seghi / Donata Zanotti / Damitar Harizanov / Karim El Maktafi / Marco Erba / Uliano Lucas / Sofia Blu Cremaschi