Orlando # 4


Orlando is an Italian magazine for beauty lovers, which has the particularity of being conceived with the editorial structure of a hotel. 
Made by 4 professional women from the world of art, design and culture, 

Antonella Pescetto, Flavia Scarano, Gemma Pizza and Francesca Ametrano, is divided into a sort of "chapters" as if they were the floors of an elegant hotel.
On the ground floor we find food and beverage and gardening, on the first floor a library and exhibition hall where you can entertain yourself in readings on contemporary artists, and so on. Guiding the reader throughout the magazine is Mr. O, the lobby boy who accompanies the reader along this particular editorial sequence.
The mantra of the whole magazine is refinement and attention to detail, well printed on a heavy paper that gives structure and prestige to its contents.

The fourth issue of Orlando Tales, which opens with the cover art work created by Maurizio Catteln for the magazine, is guided by the theme of Surrealism, trompe l'oeil, illusion and deception in a vast and diverse range of cultural disciplines.
The guiding novels for the writing of the fourth issue of Orlando are the masterpieces of Lewis Carrol, “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass”.
Alice is the heroine of nonsense: she encounters bizarre and absurd situations but manages to accept them and see their positive sides. We invite you to take his incredible optimism as an example.
Among the characters interviewed in this issue: the young Swiss chef Marie Robert, the English artist Fiona Banner, the designer Barnaba Fornasetti, the provocative Maurizio Cattelan, the young and talented illustrator Fee Greening, the designer and builder Tomaso Buzzi and many others.