Nork n. 4


Nork is a magazine of art, culture and creativity animated and produced in the North of Norway, a Tromsø. It is a window on the world of excitement that animates this little piece of Scandinavia that we imagine wrapped in breathtaking nature and with not exactly pleasant temperatures.

In this biannual magazine, Norwegian emerging artists and contributors launch new works and present photography, writing and contemporary art projects that convey the essence of a piece of humanity that emanates an artistic warmth that is sometimes different to what we are used to.

The direction of the magazine is entrusted to skilled illustrators and graphic editors who perfect it with a high ability to hold together in a single splendid setting all the various projects present inside. 



In this issue, the first available on Frab's, you will find some poems and stories about Norway, a family album that explores the North, an interview with an emerging artistic collective and a project on climate change affecting the coasts.