N + 1 issue 38


N + 1 is an independent New York magazine of literature, culture and politics published 3 times a year since 2004.
The noble intent of the 6 writers who brought this piece of American life to life is the old politically engaged literary magazines of the United States.
In 2004 the fragmented American scene had no appeal in the literary world, and so this piece of publishing was born to try timidly to respond to a need: to convey the literary spirit in social commitment. N + 1 is now an established reality in the American independent literary scene and has become a foundation.

It is an easy-to-carry magazine, perfect to be read morning and evening inside a metro, which contains long texts in black characters on recycled paper, almost like a single book where each intervention is a chapter. 

English language
Dimensions: 17,5x25,5 cm
Pages: 225
Cover: Soft

The Intellectual Situation
- Consequences of Deferred Maintenance The Editors
- Defund the Global Policeman, Stuart Schrader
Fiction and Drama
- Yell: A Documentary of My Time Here, Jeremy O. Harris
- Banana Bunch Challenge, Mark Doten
- The Remainder, Caleb Crain
- No Shelter, Lizzie Feidelson
- Disambiguation, a Tragedy, Nan Z. Da
- The Freezer Door, Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore
- The Earth Dreams in Ritual, Christina Nichol
- Heimat (t), Ida Lødemel Tvedt
- Architecture Again, William Harris
- Fire in the Hold, Omari Weekes
- Electric Cars: An Update, Dan Albert
Feelings Were Stirred The Editors