Modern Poetry in Translation n.2 2021


Modern Poetry in Translation is an English poetry magazine founded in 1965 by Ted Hughes and Daniel Weissbort with two objectives: to take poetry beyond the Iron Curtain and to introduce English and American authors to new texts from all over the world, translated into English.
Since then, the magazine, which is in all respects a book of poems with some technical insights for authors and translators, has collected contributions from all over the world by translating them into English. Inside we find only contemporary poetry, searching for the best discoveries and the most representative pens of a single nation for each issue. 

English language
Pages: 146
Dimensions: 22x14 cm

ISSUE 2, 2021 - If No One Names Us
This issue of Modern Poetry in Translation, "If No One Names Us", focuses on Mexico and includes new translations of legendary figures such as Pita Amor and Nahui Olin, as well as contemporary poets including Natalia Toledo, Elena Poniatowska, Tedi López Mills and Mikeas Sanchez and contributions from British poets including Juana Adock and Leo Boix.
Also: poems in response to the centenary of CK Norwid, a new translation of "Amsterdam" by Jacques Brel, the concrete elegies of Endre Ruset for those who died in the terrorist attack in Utøya and "Butterfly Valley", a splendid sonnet by Inger Christensen.