Meantime magazine n.3


Halfway between a magazine and a personal diary, Meantime is one of those editorial products for which you feel love at first sight. Unlike most of the things you have seen so far, in this "magazine" that comes from Singapore you will immediately appreciate the artisan flavor.
Meantime is the fruit of the genius of Pang Xue Xiang, a young journalist from Singapore who wants to tell the lost and often forgotten stories of his country through this magazine. It does so with a unique, intimate and personal touch that humanizes the magazine far beyond the patterns in which we are used to evaluating independent magazines.

The first issue, now unobtainable, was a success for the sensitivity that its pages were able to convey: it told the history of Singapore through a variety of ephemera inserted between the pages of the magazine: handwritten cards, photographs, flowers, boats of paper. The second number (available HERE) tells of ghosts, real and metaphorical, and literally leaves you speechless for the editorial choice and the characteristics of the product, difficult to find, conceive, think and above all to realize so well, with its cover that seems ruined but is not and with the thermal paper that hides secrets.

With its third issue, Meantime has decided to tell us an apparently lighter side of Singapore, made up of funny stories and smiles, but it is precisely behind the lightness that the engine of change often hides. 
In this number: 
- A tiger wanders around a shop in Singapore's Chinatown
- Men with long hair talk about their look
- In search of better hygiene standards, an activist makes himself the butt of jokes and jokes
- Trans women and naked sailors put on a show on Bugis Street in the 1980s
- Residents laugh at their street names
…and so on!

A bite-sized number, as the magazine's design suggests;)