Mayday n. 5


Mayday is a Danish independent magazine on change. From technological to cultural, to changes in people.

Mayday features stories of strong, heroic, creative, revolutionary and anti-hero characters who shape society with radical and innovative ideas drawing from the past to create a strong breaking future. 

It talks about politics, technology and great innovations, often even little known, that can serve as inspiration for our society. 

Between intelligence and beauty, it was first printed in autumn 2017 and continues to come out twice a year. 


This issue is titled "It's all changing now" and is dedicated to the challenge as a daily effort and the challenges of our time. Among other contents, inside we find:

- A journey into the Amazon basin of biodiversity with Thomas Lovejoy, researcher and founder of the well-known Forest Fragments project

- Aaron Bastani's opinion on the role of the current economic system in the climate crisis

- The exhibition by a group of Danish SUPERFLEX artists on what it takes to face cultural challenges

- A dip into the most natural and unnatural trends of the green color

- How to use art to think ecologically with the curator of General Ecology at the Serpentine Galleries, Lucia Pietroiusti

- Original short films

- Series of photos examining the ebb and flow of our relationship with the sea 

English language

Pages: 128

Dimensions: 20x27.5 cm