Calligraphy Manual


We present the brand new official Calligraphy Manual of the Italian Calligraphic Association. Printed in September 2020, it is the most recent reference point for a discipline considered obsolete until a few years ago and which is rediscovering a certain attention, precisely in an antithetical synergy with digital.

The Italian Calligraphic Association has been committed since 1991 to carrying out the mission of "beautiful writing", cultivating within it knowledge and techniques shared and always improved by the best calligraphy masters. These continuously organize workshops and courses to nurture, modernize and redefine the calligraphy art of our day. 

The book explains the basic rules for beautiful handwriting and basic writing patterns, with a remarkable variety of contemporary applications.
The Handbook of Calligraphy is a real essential and absolutely updated book for those who want to approach this discipline by profession or by passion.

Note also the excellent care of the editorial product, which convinced us to make this small exception among the Frab's magazines. Lazy Dog Press, the publisher, has brought together publishing talents who have paid due recognition to the depth of the content with a choice of graphics, print quality and respectable papers. 

Italian language
Pages: 124
Papers: Fedrigoni Materica Terra Rossa 250gr (cover), Fedrigoni Arena Rough White 170 gr (internal)