Magazine magazine n.36


Style, fashion and the creative industry are the basis of this independent French magazine with a vague and centered name: Magazine. 
In each issue you can find an interview with a guest fashion director and his entire creative family, made up of photographers, stylists, models * and professionals from the luxury sector. Interviews are conducted informally to deconstruct the mechanisms of this sector.
Magazine editors dig into the changes in the world of creatives, media, digital and print.

One of the most interesting aspects of Magazine magazine for us are reviews of magazines that renew the artistic direction, styling and photography.

Number of pages: 220
Language: French with English translation in the final pages

living from the ashes - Rhita Cadi Soussi
la preda e ol'mbra - Céline Mallet
cultural appropriation vs queer thinking - Adrian Kammarti
fashion imaginaries - Philippa Nesbitt
andreas gursky - Emma Barakatt
Tomas Saraceno - Angelo Cirimele
fashion, shades of green - Mathieu Buard & Céline Mallet
Paris Syndrome - Guillaume Blanc
the future of fashion weeks - Angelo Cirimele
francesco masci - Gabrielle H. Smith & Dimitri Laurent
pop-up memory - Serena Ciranna