Lost n.8


Lost is a Chinese independent travel magazine. Hotels, resorts, beach life are all that this magazine is not about.
Inside, in fact, we find stories of people who seek danger, inconvenience and absolutely uncomfortable things while traveling. From here, for them, the essence of the real journey takes place, what becomes an immersive state of mind, in which man can fully enter with body and mind in places and above all in the human intertwining of a place in the world far from what commonly calls home.
The magazine is entirely composed of travel diaries and introspective reflections accompanied by truly exceptional landscape photographs and travel fragments, which printed on textured paper give a great idea of the sweat and fatigue that often accompany travel even if we do not like to show them.
To write and take the photographs are photographers, travelers and writers able to make the contents as profound as professional. 
The magazine has its heart between China and Singapore and as the Asian publishing products show us more and more, the print work is well-kept and very fascinating. The same textured paper accompanies us throughout the magazine, but the visible edge and the full-page or even double-page photographs make this object robust and able to convey the idea of the weight and charm of the stories it hosts.

Dimensions: 17,5x24 cm
Number of pages: 296
Language: English and Chinese
Visible thread binding

In this number:
- Alex Gray returns to his hometown in Suffolk to collect his thoughts and take refuge during the pandemic in "A Quiet Edge of England".
- Cheney Chu shares the strange yet heartwarming adventures she experienced during her first solo trip to Tokyo in "Strange Yet Familiar".
- Manuela Mitevova and Claudio Silva discover the essence of emptiness when they arrive in the semi-desert of Azerbaijan in "In Search of Emptiness".
- Michael Guo reflects on Shanxi during his visit to the province in "The Weight of Shanxi".
- Phoebe Wu goes on a trip to Mongolia, but loses her wallet and gets drunk on homemade vodka in "Buuz & Snooze".