Lodown - The Simple Life issue


Lodown Magazine is a quarterly magazine of art and culture founded in 1995 in Berlin by Thomas Marecki alias "Marok". 
Initially linked to the world of skateboarding and surfing, the magazine broadened its horizons to include music, films, fashion, literature, life style and above all contemporary art. What has characterized this magazine since its inception is the important and experimental visual component that makes each issue different from the other.

The Simple Life issue
The past year and a half hasn't necessarily been a walk for most of us and it shouldn't be so damn exhausting just being alive. Life might be more exciting when you have to improvise, but if the exception turns into a forced routine, the figure emerging from the ashes can only be damaged in the end.
And it is precisely for this reason that after two unusual years, Lodown gives us his The Simple Issue, an essential antidote to two predominantly tiring years, a colorful slice of life to show that things are still free for those who dream.