Lodown magazine - Savages


Lodown Magazine is a quarterly magazine of art and culture founded in 1995 in Berlin by Thomas Marecki alias "Marok". 
Initially linked to the world of skateboarding and surfing, the magazine broadened its horizons to include music, film, fashion, literature, life style and above all contemporary art. What has characterized this magazine since its inception is the important and experimental visual component that makes each issue different from the other.

This issue of Lodown keeps away from the intolerable background buzz that brings to our attention only those who scream loudest or who are most popular in the great media circus in which we are immersed, to look at art and artists with a vision fueled by originality, subversion, talent and civil disobedience.
SAVAGES offers an ambiguous look at the left side of pop culture and contemporary art.
Highlights from this issue include:
It's probably an obvious truth, and it's doubly true for those of us who have invested in the idea of culture, but we're a little worried about what others will say about us when we're gone: we have a nagging fear that others will. I praise with notions of who we were, missing all the important details.
The Lodwon editorial team is keen to let us know that Ricky Powell wasn't just interested or invested in the culture, he was precious to him.
lifeblood. Rest in peace, brother!
- WHY EBAY ...
Every so often you are presented with the work of an emerging artist who immediately makes you reflect on why you fell in love with graffiti, graphic design, fashion. one such artist goes by the whimsical name of Why Ebay.
There are a few protagonists who played New York's seedy subway in the 1980s, and East Village-based Richard Kern is certainly one of the most prominent. As a director he was one of the driving forces behind the Cinema of Transgression, for which he explored hysteria, sex, drugs and violence through the lens of punk rock, topics he has been committed to for much of his career. also professional as a photographer.
Create subversions of the American flag. Manage a publishing house. Making radio. Managing a record label. In fact, the creative endeavors of celebrated artist Cali Thornhill DeWitt are too numerous to list, but surely that the collaboration with Abloh and Kanye a few years ago may have been the moment that catapulted her name into mainstream consciousness once and for all.
- and again: Marta Blue, Mark Mulroney, Clamm, Jake & Dinos Chapman, Icy & Sot, Dry Cleaning, Matt Hansel, Mike Osborne, Djinn and many others.