Integral 5


L'Integrale is an independent Italian magazine of bread and culture conceived as a series of book-magazines. Bread, which has always accompanied and intertwined with human stories, becomes here the horizon and the pretext for exploring the things of the world through essays, reportages, stories, photographs and drawings. Each issue consists of a part dedicated to longforms, signed by Italian and international authors and authors, and a final part of fixed columns, including that of recipes "lived" by bakers and the photographic column of Fontanesi. The illustrations, which run through all the pages, are created specifically for the magazine.

Spicy dishes, the bubbling of a fermentation, the architecture of a croissant, the dialogue between plants and that between sober and drunk. Food shapes the sense of belonging and that of strangeness. In each piece of this issue we meet the stranger: as a mysterious creature, as a dominant gaze, as an unknown land, as a root and as a destination, as a threat and as a refuge.


Italian language
Pages: 112
Dimensions: 17x23 cm