Kinfolk no. 40


Founded in 2011 by Nathan Williams, his wife Katie Searle-Williams and their friends Doug and Paige Bischoff, Kinfolk is one of those independent magazines around which a real community has been created. 
Aimed primarily at young professionals, it focuses on home, work, play, food and community through photo essays, recipes, interviews, profiles, personal stories and practical advice.
Quarterly, each issue of the magazine revolves around a theme linked to the season in which the magazine is published. Writers, photographers, designers and chefs who collaborate with Kinfolk come from all over the world and the magazine is published in four languages: English, Japanese, Chinese and Korean.

Size: 22.5 x 29.5 cm
Cover: soft
Number of pages: 192
English language 

ISSUE 40 - The Future Issue 
Kinfolk turns 10. To celebrate this milestone, the tenth anniversary, the magazine is completely renewed with a new design, but also with contents that look towards one of the deepest and most sought-after topics in life: the future.
In this number: 
- An interview with Sara Seager, the astrophysicist who has dedicated her career to looking for life forms in the universe;
- Fan Bingbing, the woman who changed the face of Chinese fashion;
- Home tour: at Lucinda Chambers' home;
- Interview with the artist Kevin Abstract;
- The artist Juan Pantoja designs the flags that symbolize the values of Kinfolk;
And much more...