K - the literary magazine de Linkiesta n.2


K is the literary magazine de Linkiesta edited by Nadia Terranova. 
The second issue, dedicated to the theme of Memory, hosts 18 authors with an original story written specifically for this edition. 

In this issue you will find stories of:
Viola Ardone, Stefania Auci, Silvia Avallone, Annalena Benini, Giulia Caminito, Donatella Di Pietrantonio, Davide Enia, Lisa Ginzburg, Wlodek Goldkorn, Loredana Lipperini, Pasquale Panella, Francesco Piccolo, Alberto Schiavone, Simonetta Sciandivasci, Andrea Tarabbia, Alessandro Zaccuri.
There is also a preview of the novels by Karl Ove Knausgård and Ali Smith, both of which will be released in Italy in the coming months.
The volume also contains three mini stories by Stefania Auci, Rosella Postorino and Nadia Terranova.

After sex, memory. There is no hidden meaning behind the theme that we suggested to Italian writers to practice their stories on this second volume of K, just as there was not when we chose sex for the inaugural issue of the literary magazine de Linkiesta. In the introductory essay, Nadia Terranova explains why memory today more than ever is a literary and necessary cognitive function but also a central trigger for telling a story, I limit myself to emphasizing the extraordinary nature of the editorial project you have in your hands. K is a paper magazine, analogical and primordial with respect to the spirit of the time, born before the pandemic as an experiment and then, thanks to the generosity of the writers involved, sent to the printing press in full lockdown against any economic reasonableness and without the possibility of physically meeting the readers around Italy. I am convinced that this new issue of K on memory, designed by Giovanni Cavalleri and Francesca Pignataro, illustrated by Lea Konaševská and Stefania Zanetti's photographic portfolio, will be able to meet even greater favor among readers.”, Christian Rocca