Jacobin n.15


Jacobin Italia is a politically left-wing magazine that offers a socialist vision of politics, economics and contemporary culture. It is none other than the Italian version of the US magazine of the same name which collects 60,000 subscribers in its print edition.
It is a magazine that was born independent and that, despite its worldwide success in an audience with a deep left orientation, wants to keep its freedom. 

The crisis of neoliberal globalization brings the return of geopolitics. The war propaganda shows the inexistence of indisputable knowledge of the facts. The Russian imperialist aims and the imperial management of the world by the United States produce two overlapping wars. The analysis of these two wars is dealt with in n. 15 by Jacobin Italia.
The section dedicated to Jacobin USA instead instead it speaks of infrastructures: whether they are material, digital or financial, they are a hunting ground for businessmen. For this we need a new idea of the public.