It's a Passion Thing magazine n. 5


It's a Passion Thing is a biannual magazine that celebrates the attitude and passion of many small entrepreneurs, artists and artisans who build their lifestyle and their path.
From craftsmanship to digital designer to entrepreneurship, this magazine offers a contemporary perspective on how to make projects a reality. Focusing on the identity, personality and individuality of the producers we meet in the pages of the magazine, It's a Passion Thing introduces us to stories of people (and objects) from all over the world who tell us their success stories or stories. bankruptcies.

Dimensions: 21.5x27.5 cm
Number of pages: 96
English language
Edition: 2000 copies

CHRIS VAN NIEKERK - A world dedicated to flora, fauna and attention to detail in South Africa // IVO DE PELLEGRIN - How the passion for good food led to opening a bakery in Merano // AXEL STÜRKEN - How to lead a family business to his third generation // KAREN TAN - From real estate development to opening the last independent arthouse cinema in Singapore // PASSIONATE MAKERS MALLORCA - Journalist and photographer Ingolf Hatz introduces us to 7 passionate entrepreneurs // HIJAE KIM - From a career in logistics to a life engaged in teaching // MARIAH MANSVELT BECK - How to innovate with a swab and turn a market upside down // NG SZE KIAT - The art of mushrooms // JASE KING - How to passionately recycle materials to create art