I DIMEZZATI - a book by CTRL magazine


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Why a book, or rather another book, on Frab's? Because it is a book that has broad shoulders. Because to publish it is an editorial staff of magazines (we admit, this term doesn't exist and we just made it up). Because it is a book made up of many reportages as if it were a beautiful magazine. Because it is true.
After printing a magazine for about nine years, CTRL's editors took the plunge from periodical to (hopefully) eternal product and started making books. After The Ultra Men, comes the second literary effort of the "NORMAL TRILOGY": ladies and gentlemen here you are I Dimezzati, true stories of half men and women. 

Inside there are:
- 13 narrative reportages
- 40 photographs from an almost lost archive.
- 1 report of a semi-divine encounter.
Halved are men and women in half. There are men clinging to the slopes dell'Adamello, to defend the trees that were there before. There is Eleonora who has been looking for her mother for 35 years. And Elisa, born hearing from deaf parents. There are the appellants, who are left with only the voice and a telephone number. There is the story of a dimidiate, in search of his fellow men and a cure for himself. There is the White Dwarf, which is just under one meter high.
The halved are men and women with double lives. Like Lena, who works in children's publishing and in the production of porn films. Like Luca, who today organizes corporate team building in the woods, and yesterday joined the Foreign Legion. Like Irina who works as a caregiver in Italy, to build a house in Ukraine tomorrow.
The places are also halved: a laundry on the outskirts of Milan that contains two worlds divided by a curtain, a town in Liguria crossed by a wall that does not exist.
The halved tell stories from the other half of life, like those of the patients at the Pisa Sleep Clinic: we sent a writer to collect them, and to sleep with them.
The halved are incomplete, split, missing, torn up and unexplored: like us. And Tom Cruise.
The entire volume is covered by photographs taken from the archive of the former San Niccolò Psychiatric Hospital in Siena, now owned by the USL Toscana Sud Est. In it, collected over more than 150 years, 50,000 medical records and more than 20 thousand photographs. They were made as service photographs for patient recognition, for internal use by staff only. At the same time, their strength is such as to make them representative of the general condition of the patients until the approval of the Basaglia Law. 
Dimensions:  17X12.5 cm
Number of pages: 336
Italian language
Hardcover, canvas paper cover, photograph applied by hand on the breakout of the front plate. Round back, silver foil on the back and back plate.