gal-dem n.5


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gal-dem is an annual English magazine dedicated to women and non-binary people of color. It was founded in 2015 by a young university student tired of the prejudices within the university. The first edition, printed in 1000 copies, sold out in a very short time, from there the story of gal-dem is that of a success in being a reference point for an audience that sought to share their story in a world of prejudices. 

gal-dem is about minority, culture, politics and social prejudices. It collects interviews and stories of women and non-binary people of color who find within its pages a solid tool of awareness.

ISSUE 5 - The Roaring Twenties
Welcome to the roaring twenties of gal-dem. This number wonders what the 1920s might be like and what we want from them.
What can we learn from organizations like The Advocacy Academy, which is training new generations of social justice activists? What could the world look like if we reevaluated our attitude towards drugs, housing, entire industries? As we advance through these new 1920s, what parts of our history do we love and hold tight? Who are the artists, creators and creators we want to support today and tomorrow?

This is an edition full of hope for a new era, one that uses nostalgia for the recent past as a tool to propel us forward. Reinvigorated by a new century and keenly aware of the mistakes of the past that we cannot replicate, this edition asks us to imagine how we can make the 20s of the 21st century roar in their own way.