Freeman's - Love


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Freeman's is the literary magazine edited by literary critic and poet John Freeman. Published in Italy by Black Coffee, each issue of the magazine offers the reader a privileged point of view to broaden his gaze on the contemporary, American and international literary panorama.

Italian language
Number of pages: 226 

Hatred, cruelty, ignorance: must we resign ourselves to accepting that this is the stuff the world is now made of? Or can we still believe that love is the most powerful force at stake, the only hope we have of changing things and giving shape to a reality that is worth living in? Young authors such as Gunnhild Øyehaug and Semezdin Mehmedinović, and writers of the caliber of Richard Russo, Tommy Orange, Anne Carson, Louise Erdrich and Olga Tokarczuk have been asked to answer this question. This issue of the magazine aims to restore complexity to the concept of Love - what it means to fall in love, how a love is nurtured, when it is lost and what a life without love looks like - because today we need love more than ever, but we cannot expect to prove it unless we first give it back its due value.
The authors of this issue:
Maaza Mengiste, Daniel Mendelsohn, Anne Carson, Mariana Enriquez, An Yu, Tommy Orange, Matt Sumell, Mieko Kawakami, Deborah Levy, Semezdin Mehmedinović, Louise Erdrich, Daisy Johnson, Valzhyna Mort, Gunnhild Øyehaug, Sandra Cisneros, Marco Rossari, Niels Fredrik Dahl, Richard Russo, Robin Coste Lewis, Olga Tokarczuk and Andrew McMillan.
Translation by Damiano Abeni, Francesco Cristaudo, Livia Lommi, Chiara Messina, Sara Tuveri and Leonardo Taiuti