Folios n.4


Folios is the independent magazine of the Moleskine Foundation, a cultural magazine that covers in each issue different shades of creativity as a tool for social change. The magazine was launched in New York in 2019, on the occasion of the “I Had a Dream” International Exhibition, and is published every six months in Italy.

“Creativity in Conversation” is the fourth edition of Folios and can be conceived as a round table that brings together cultural operators from various disciplines. The conversations at this table touch upon the roles that art, creativity and cultural initiatives play within the complex fabrics of our societies. They aim to deepen and broaden conversations about creativity and to create spaces for it by sharing experiences, practices and approaches of thinkers and creators of fine arts, design, literature, agriculture, technology, cinema, architecture, education, music, knowledge production and archiving.

Number of pages: 174
English language