Extra Extra n.17


Extra Extra it is not only a biennial independent magazine that exudes eroticism on every page, but also a multidisciplinary platform that explores eros and culture. With essays, photographs and in-depth conversations between uninhibited creative minds, the magazine tells stories heard for the first time on the subway, in the office, in a hotel room or in the park below the house to celebrate the worldly and sensual life of the city. If you were looking for an aphrodisiac, you have found it.

Size 24x17
Number of pages: 192
Cover: soft
English language

In this number:
- The Protagonist of the Erotic, an essay in which Nicholas Elliott explores the libidinal work of David Cronenberg;
- interviews with artist Michael Armitag, McKenzie Wark, director Amat Escalante and designer Bethan Laura Wood;
- Dan Fox's love letters;
- intoxicating erotic stories;
The issue also features Tina Barney's iconic series of nudes and an exclusive by Aliki Van Der Kruijs. entitled "Bathing into being"