Euclid - Typeface Mystery n. 1


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Euclid - Typeface Mystery No. 1 is the new magazine / book from the Swiss Typefaces studio designed by the Hubertus Design studio, which was given carte blanche in the creation of the volume with the aim of showing the characteristics of the Euclid typeface.

Although the Euclid typeface was the initial raison d'être of this publication, the magazine has evolved into something deeper and more enigmatic. "Euclid - Typeface Mystery No. 1" is a multidisciplinary triptych, built from three main components that are cleverly intertwined: at the center of it we find "A Snippet of the Clear Night Sky", a detective story that Matthias Michel wrote specifically for the volume. To flank the text, we find the photographs ofFranco-Swiss artist Matthieu Gafsou. And then there's the Euclid font, which is used to set all the text.
The result is a very high quality editorial product that is difficult to classify.

We are welcomed by the cover image, in black relief on red canvas, illustrated by the American artist Noah Scalin, master of skulls, and internationally known as the creator of the Skull-A-Day project. On the first internal page we encounter the disturbing words of a song, an element that is repeated throughout the book: "a terrible illness, a terrible case". We then find a text by Florian Hardwig, editor of Fonts In Use, on the Euclid font, including a summary of the history of the geometric shapes of the letters and descriptions of each of Euclid's seven branches.

The volume created by Hubertus Design is truly powerful and leaves nothing to chance, giving the reader an extraordinary experience - both visual and tactile: hard cover in canvas with embossed illustration, black endpapers, pages of text printed on natural paper, reproduced photographic images in full color and coated with a thick layer of super high gloss spot paint. Only the careful observer will notice that some parts have been omitted from this treatment, leaving opaque areas with secret messages. We also find thinner pages printed in a warm red tint.

Dimensions: 24.5 × 31.5 cm
Number of pages: 264
English language