Ethos n.16


Ethos is an independent magazine for innovators in the business world. It is an all-English business magazine with curious eyes: it searches around the world for stories of business leaders and entrepreneurs to take inspiration from. Spanning many sectors, from agriculture to high-tech, he meets people, stories of companies, leaders and teams who know how to innovate and find radical business solutions in our days.
It is an essential magazine suitable for young companies, for entrepreneurs looking for new ideas and for those who are not entrepreneurs, or perhaps do not yet know they are. 

English language
Pages: 130
Dimensions: 17x24 cm

Ethos n.16
In the new issue of Ethos magazine you can find out more about how to borrow a book from Human Library, meet The School of Life's Head of Psychotherapy, explore the work of Beam, a crowdfunding platform that helps homeless people find work and training, and discover Braille Neue, a typeface that combines Roman characters with Braille .