ESP Esperanto Culture magazine n.2


ESP is launched into an intricate and interconnected world, bringing together leading intellectuals and creators to communicate 21st century contemporary culture. It collects different perspectives in a complex, diverse, yet unified magazine. With the art direction of the Amsterdam-based design studio Experimental Jetset and editorial advice from Hans Ulrich Obrist, each issue offers reviews, sources, essays and a special feature.

Designed by Experimental Jet Set, the second issue explores the world of art under the global pandemic, through the notion of "glitch" as a positive concept to free, shake and agitate a rigid aristocratic system in which art has traditionally been driven by the market and focused on the United States. Essays, reviews and special features by Marina Abramović, Olafur Eliasson, Michael Xufu Huang, Manthia Diawara and Hans Ulrich Obrist help to ask essential questions: Who is art for today? How did the pandemic shake the old order?

Dimensions: 18x27 cm
Number of pages: 144
English language