Discontent n.2


Discontent is a magazine about the revolutions and the constant changes in Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt. Made on the wave of political magazines that in the 70s circulated freely in these territories, and from which it takes the cover, it is published in London. Inside, authors and authors from the Middle East write stories and reports on perhaps more silent but no less cruel and inhumane wars and on the turmoil that these territories are experiencing.
It is a magazine that tears the heart of those who feel very distant geographically in life and also because of their affinity with what is happening in the Middle East. It attracts like a magnet and lets you enter the difficulties of a world completely different from the one we know, on the other side of the Mediterranean. 
Artists and photographers illuminate and give strength to the magazine, but the real protagonists are the words. They tell the news of those who have experienced the most recent struggles and the most contemporary riots in these lands. And they do it without sophisticated prose, exuding all the sorrow for a land that the authors have often been forced to abandon.

The second issue of Discontent features the unique and powerful work of writers, artists and photographers from across Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt.

Contributors: Abbas Momani, Amanda Dufour, Farah Chamma, George Azar, Hala Alyan, Hind Shoufani, Maria Kassab, Mariam Barghouti, Marwan Tahtah, Naji Bakhti, Nur Turkmani, Raeda Taha, Rasha Younes, Samaa Abu Sharar, Walid Nehme.

In this number: 
- On the streets of Homra
- The loneliness of those who remain
- Being queer in the Middle East
- Portrait of five activists for positive change in Lebanon
- Daughters of the revolution
- Goodbye Palestine
... and many other narrative and photographic reportages