Discontent # 1


Discontent is a magazine about the revolutions and the constant changes in Palestine, Lebanon and Egypt. Made on the wave of political magazines that in the 70s circulated freely in these territories, and from which it takes the cover, it is published in London. Inside, authors and authors from the Middle East write stories and reports on perhaps more silent but no less cruel and inhumane wars and on the turmoil that these territories are experiencing.

It is a magazine that pierces the heart of those who feel very distant geographically in life and also because of their affinity with what is happening in the Middle East. It attracts like a magnet and lets you enter the difficulties of a world completely different from the one we know, on the other side of the Mediterranean. 

Artists and photographers illuminate and give strength to the magazine, but the real protagonists are the words. They tell the news of those who have experienced the most recent struggles and the most contemporary riots in these lands. And they do it without refined prose, but exuding all the sorrow for a land that the authors have often been forced to abandon.


This bitter and revolting number 1 opens with a sharp and crude tale of the revolution in Lebanon, about the dreams it carried with it and which today have been destroyed by a crisis and inflation that puts poverty and hunger before everything.
The magazine then goes on to tell the background of the explosion of the port of Beirut in a long reportage and lifts us up through the meeting with some Middle Eastern artists, photographers and architects who tell about themselves and publish some of their works. 
The second part of the magazine is a long project on Palestine, which in 5 chapters tells the meanings of being Palestinian that transcend simple citizenship, accompanying the texts with wonderful vintage photos.
The last part of the magazine talks about wars in Lebanon, Hezbollah and Zionism.  

Contributors to this issue: Ahmed Abu Ajwah, Alfred Tarazi, Dana Barqawi, Dayna Ash, Hind Shoufani, Jana Khoury, Joey Ayoub, Kareem Chehayeb, Lana Chukri, Maria Kabalan, Myriam Boulos, Patrick Baz, Rewa Zeinati, Zeina Hashem Beck.

Edition: 500 pieces

English language
Dimensions: 24x16.5 cm
Pages: 172
Cover: Soft