Design Anthology UK n.11


Design Anthology UK is the triennial magazine that sheds light on and enhances the best of design, architecture and style in Europe. It is the sister publication of Design Anthology Asia and Design Anthology Australia, which aspires to be a point of reference in the world of inspirational print magazines in this sector in Europe. 

Published by Astrid Media, a British creative agency specializing in publishing, it was created with the aim of raising the value of design magazines. It wants to go beyond the simple catalog from which to take inspiration with new trends, creating a paper product of good quality and with contributions from expert professionals. 

The eleventh issue of Design Anthology UK celebrates everyday life with a collection of pleasure for the eyes, wrists and fingers.
We speak to Congolese-British artist Joy Yamusangie about her Feeling Good exhibition, currently underway at the Now Gallery in Greenwich as part of the Young Artist Commission program. His works portray a fictionalized jazz club, and he addresses themes of community, family and personal experience that have struck us all.
In addition to a number of new hotel openings around the world, we also bring you a new insight into what it's like to visit an ancient region of Saudi Arabia, a new frontier for intrepid travelers. And of course we highlight beautifully designed houses from the British countryside, in London, in Prague.